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    Community Benefit Grants Program
    Sutter Medical Center, Sacramento

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    Are you eligible to apply for a SMCS grant? Review this checklist to determine:

    • Community-based organization with a 501(c) (3) federal designation; or a grassroots organization being provided fiscal agent oversight by an established community-based organization with such designation; or a school or government agency
    • Primarily serve residents of Sacramento County, with priority consideration given to programs serving the zip codes listed on this page
    • The program for which you seek funding fits within the funding criteria checklist on this page

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    The SMCS priority needs are:

    1. Homelessness: Transitional and permanent supportive housing; and programs in support of these placements.
    2. Maternal & Child Health: Emphasis on prenatal and early childhood prevention and intervention programs.
    3. Whole Health Stability: Prevention and intervention programs that address individual, family and/or community health issues and demonstrate health improvement.
    4. Connecting to a Primary Care Provider: Enrollment in benefit programs, as well as providing of primary care services.

    It is the SMCS Community Benefit program's goal to reduce unmet needs within Sacramento County, with priority consideration given to programs that fit our areas of focus (as listed above) and impact at-risk populations in the areas we serve.

    Note: The program for which you seek funding must address one or more of these 4 priority needs. Your agency headquarters does not have to be in Sacramento; however, the programs for which you seek funding must be provided within Sacramento County.


    Incomplete proposals will not be considered for funding. To be considered a complete proposal, you must include the documents provided in this RFP packet. These instructions, along with the Microsoft Word and Excel files can be downloaded from the SMCS website at Do not send additional attachments, as they will not be reviewed.

    Mail by US Postal or any mailing service (no walk-ins) one original and two complete copies of your proposal packet, to be received no later than Monday, September 12, 2011 no later than 5:00 p.m. local time to:

    Sutter Medical Center, Sacramento
    Community Benefit Grants Program
    Attn: Holly Harper
    2800 L Street, Suite 746 Sacramento, CA 95816

    Note: Proposals not provided in this way and by this deadline will not be considered.

    Proposal Narrative

    Your proposal must respond to all the elements, and in the same order as included in the Proposal Narrative. The maximum number of pages is indicated for each section. Other helpfulhints:

    • Do your best to be succinct while telling us about your program. You do not need to reach the maximum page limits."The most valuable of all talents is that of never using two words when one will do." ~ Thomas Jefferson
    • Be sure that your narrative reflects how you're going to reach the measurable outcomes you declare in your proposal. Measurable outcomes are required in order for your proposal to be competitive.
    • If you work in collaboration with other organizations, be sure your narrative tells us your distinct role as well as that of your partners. If you do not work in collaboration with other organizations, explain why you work alone. Collaborative proposals are encouraged.

    Format of your proposal must be:

    • 1" margins on all sides
    • 11-point Arial font
    • Headers to reflect your organizational name; footers to reflect page number
    • No staples and no presentation folders. Simply paperclip your copies.


    Holly Harper
    2800 L Street, Suite 746
    Sacramento, CA 95816

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