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    The Medical Staff Services Department is responsible for documentation of medical staff organizational activities through the department and committee structure. This includes all credentialing and privileging activity for initial appointment and reappointment. The department supports the Medical Staff Leaders, which includes the Chief of Staff, Vice Chief of Staff, Secretary/Treasurer, Department Chiefs and Committee Chairs. The department also supports the Education Team in planning Continuing Medical Education programs for the members of the medical staff.

    Hours of Operation: 7:30 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. Monday - Friday
    Phone: (916) 887-1230
    Fax: (916) 887-1235

    Robin Cary, CPMSM
    Manager, Medical Staff/CME Services
    Sutter Medical Center, Sacramento (SMCS) and Sutter Center for Psychiatry (SCP)
    (916) 887-1205 or ext. 71205
    Cell: (916) 599-0523
    Confidential Fax: (916) 736-4510

    Central Point of Contact for the Medical Staff, Physician & Allied Health computer access.

    Committee/Team Meeting Responsibilities:

    • Bylaws Committee SMCS
    • Bylaws Committee SCP
    • Professional Practice Evaluation Committee
    • Well Being Committee
    • Forwarding Communications to the Medical Staff

    Department Meeting and Credentialing Responsibilities include:

    1. Meeting notices, agendas, minutes, follow-up, department rules and regulations, election of department officers, newsletters, ER Call Schedules, and proctoring.
    2. Credentialing new applications, reappointments, temporary privileges, locum temporary privileges, special consults, and additional privileges.

    Maureen Andreetta, CPMSM
    Medical Staff Coordinator
    887-1247 or ext. 71247

    Department Meeting and Credentialing Responsibilities:

    • Surgery Department and all Sections

    Committee/Team Meeting Responsibilities:

    • Medical Executive Committee
    • Robotics Peer Review
    • Utilization Review Team

    Mary Jo Cogburn
    Medical Staff Coordinator
    887-1292 or ext. 71292

    Department Meeting and Credentialing Responsibilities:

    • Anesthesia Department
    • Cardiovascular Disease Department

    Committee/Team Meeting Responsibilities:

    • Interdisciplinary Practice Committee (IDPSC)
    • Credentials Committee

    Paula Foster, CPCS
    Medical Staff Coordinator
    887-1206 or ext. 72106

    Department Meeting and Credentialing Responsibilities:

    • Family Medicine Department
    • Medicine Department and all Sections

    Committee/Team Meeting Responsibilities:

    • Bioethics Committee
    • Fetal Therapy Team
    • Quality and Patient Safety Committee

    Anna King, CPCS
    Medical Staff Coordinator
    887-1296 or ext. 71296

    Sutter Center for Psychiatry:

    • Meeting Responsibilities
    • Medical Staff Credentialing Responsibilities

    SMCS Department Meeting and Credentialing Responsibilities:

    • Emergency Medicine Department

    Committee/Team Responsibilities

    • Infection Control Team
    • Pharmacy and Therapeutics Team

    Shirley Lile
    Medical Staff Coordinator
    887-1293 or ext. 71293

    Department Meeting and Credentialing Responsibilities:

    • Diagnostic Imaging Department and Sections
    • Laboratory Medicine Department

    Committee/Team Meeting Responsibilities:

    • Multidisciplinary Peer Review Committee
    • Transfusion Team

    Jane Fraser
    Medical Staff Coordinator
    887-1207 or ext. 71207

    Department Meeting and Credentialing Responsibilities:

    • Pediatrics Department
    • Obstetrics/Gynecology Department

    Elizabeth Totah
    CME Coordinator
    887-1239 or ext. 71239

    Medical Staff Leadership

    • Harold Humphreys, M.D., Chief of Staff
    • Megan Gross, M.D., Vice Chief of Staff
    • Angela Vickers, M.D., Secretary/Treasurer
    • Dineen Greer, M.D., Immediate Past Chief of Staff
    • Stephen Jerwers, M.D., Member-at-Large
    • Nate Simon, M.D., Anesthesia Chief
    • Michael Fugit, M.D., Cardiovascular Disease Chief
    • Mylon Marshall, M.D., DIRO Chief
    • Caroline Nguyen, M.D., Emergency Medicine Chief
    • Maria Cisneros, M.D., Family Medicine Chief
    • Kristen Vandewalker, M.D., Laboratory Medicine Chief
    • Richard T. Kim, M.D., Medicine Chief
    • Judith Mikacich, M.D., OB/GYN Chief
    • Daniel Falco, M.D., Pediatrics Chief
    • Eric London, M.D., Surgery Chief
    • Bruce Gordon, M.D., Credentials Chair
    • Laurie Gregg, M.D., Professional Practice Evaluation Committee Chair
    • Michael Abate, M.D., Utilization Review Team Chair