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    2014 Funding Initiatives


    MRI Upgrade for Cardiac Services

    Sutter Medical Center Sacramento has seen increasing demand for adult and pediatric cardiology services. Upgrading the Diagnostic Imaging Department’s MRI equipment to serve cardiology patients will address this community need and enable the medical center to remain competitive in the region. A highly specialized cardiothoracic radiologist with expertise in adult and pediatric cardiac imaging has been recruited to champion this effort.

    By the numbers

    • Total project cost: $200,000
    • Gifts from donors: $100,000
    • Sutter Health matching funds: $100,000
    • Total Fundraising Goal: $200,000


    Cancer General Fund - $50,000

    Patients and families dealing with a cancer diagnosis have needs well beyond clinical care. The Sutter Cancer Center offers many support services to address the emotional and spiritual needs of children and adults, including art, music and dance therapy; nutrition counseling; massage therapy; and wigs for patients who have lost their hair to chemotherapy. The Cancer General Fund supports these services, as well as staff education on best practices and guidelines for cancer care. In addition, the fund provides critical financial support for the bone marrow transplant program and the breast cancer navigator program. These non-clinical services would not be available without philanthropic support.

    Margin Probe - $40,000

    When cancer patients wake up from surgery in the recovery room, the first question most ask is, "Did they get it all?" Other than the original diagnosis, there is nothing more devastating than having to tell patients that another surgery is needed because not enough of the tumor was excised. Additional surgeries add cost, cause emotional distress for patients, and increase the potential for greater scarring and deformation at the surgical site.

    Used in breast lumpectomy, the MarginProbe system enables surgeons to check during surgery if they have excised enough tumor to create a "clean margin," which means no cancer cells remain at the edge of the removed tissue. If the probe detects any remaining tumor, the surgeon can take more tissue prior to closing the wound. The MarginProbe greatly improves patient outcomes and comfort by reducing reoperations by as much as 56 percent. Your philanthropic investment in this innovative device will bring the first unit to Northern California and will make a positive impact on the lives of patients undergoing breast cancer treatment.


    Cardiovascular Hybrid Surgical Suite - $800,000

    Hybrid surgical suites create considerable time and financial efficiencies by enabling physicians to perform minimally invasive and open surgical procedures within the same room. Because they only need to undergo anesthesia once, patients benefit from shorter recovery times, less discomfort, and less stress. The hybrid surgical suite at Sutter General Medical Center willcombine endovascular, cardiac catheterization, heart surgery, laparoscopic and radiological capabilities in one space, greatly enhancing the care for patients needing even the most complex cardiac and vascular conditions.

    MRI Post Processing Software - $30,000

    Advanced neuro-imaging processing software will improve diagnosis of and treatment options for Sutter Neurological Institute patients. For patients with brain tumors, the software will assist physicians in determining tumor grade, enable them to see tumor volume with greater contrast and extent, and serve as a guide to the appropriate tumor removal technique. The software also will enable physicians of epilepsy patients to fuse different imaging modalities such as the MEG and MRI. And for multiple sclerosis diagnosis and treatment, the software will enable automatic detection and follow-up of lesions.

    Bladder Scan Equipment—$24,000

    Used to measure volume, bladder scanners quickly and non-invasively help diagnose common urological issues, assess urinary retention, help prevent unnecessary catheterization, and reduce rates of catheter-associated urinary tract infections.


    Postpartum Rooms - $210,000

    Postpartum rooms offer a healing environment for rest and recovery following childbirth. The new Women’s and Children’s Center will include 51 private rooms – more than any other birth center in the region – to eliminate the anxiety and stress often seen in patients who share rooms. Privacy not only offers a more comfortable environment for a new mother to bond with and learn how to feed her newborn, it also has proved to influence successful breastfeeding by encouraging milk let-down reflex. Each room will have a bed, a bassinet, a family sleep area with a flat-screen TV and a private bathroom with a shower. Each $15,000 philanthropic investment in a postpartum room includes a recognition plaque.


    Newborn Phototherapy Blankets (2) - $12,000

    A common condition in newborns, jaundice is typically treated with phototherapy, which uses ultraviolet light to eliminate excessive bilirubin from the blood. The neoBLUE blanket system delivers phototherapy through a blue LED light source and fiberoptic blanket, enabling newborns to be held and nursed without interrupting treatment or infant-parent bonding. Babies can remain in their patient rooms with their parents without having to be in a separate room.


    Women's and Children’s Center Chapel - $300,000

    Spirituality and prayer can play a valuable role in helping patients heal and in helping family members cope with a loved one’s illness or injury. Part of the new Anderson Lucchetti Women’s and Children’s Center will include a chapel that will provide quiet space to renew the human spirit through contemplation, reflection and prayer. Philanthropic funds will enable Sutter Health to create this healing space for the countless patients and families who will seek comfort during stressful times.

    Sophie's Place at Sutter Children's Center - $150,000

    Young singer and songwriter Sophie Barton knew firsthand about music’s power to heal. The teenager often performed for hospitalized patients with the belief that “music changes everything.” Following Sophie’s sudden and unexpected death from a heart problem, her family and friends – including football Hall of Fame quarterback Steve Young and his Forever Young Foundation – set out to honor her memory by sharing the healing power of music in children's hospitals across the country. Sophie’s Place at Sutter Children’s Center in Sacramento will be a state-of-the-art music room where pediatric patients can enjoy a music library and interactive instruments during their hospital visit. Your gift to this family-centered space will help improve the health and quality of life for young patients.

    Heart General Fund - $50,000

    Because new medical technologies evolve at a rapid pace, it is critical that physicians, nurses and other clinical staff are kept up to date on the latest techniques, procedures and equipment. The Heart General Fund supports ongoing education on how to perform minimally invasive cardiovascular procedures, as well as equipment needs.

    "Paws on Call" Pet Therapy Program - $30,000

    Animals provide comfort and unconditional love. Studies have shown that pets can reduce stress and anxiety, improve vital signs, and reduce loneliness and depression. Sutter Sacramento seeks funding for a part-time program manager to grow this valuable service. Program support for Sutter Roseville will fund animal training and certification, as well as informational materials.