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    2015 Funding Initiatives

    2015 Matching Grant Opportunity

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    Sophie's Place

    Give the Gift of Music Therapy

    Music has an extraordinary power to bring comfort and peace, and recent clinical studies show that music therapy provides evidence-based beneficial effects on young hospital patients. Music therapy also decreases sedation needs for pediatric procedures, increases relaxation and provides numerous other healing benefits.

    A family friend of 49ers great Steve Young introduced the former quarterback and founder of the Forever Young Foundation and his wife Barb to the benefits of music therapy. In October 2014 the Young's presented a $150,000 check to Sutter Children's Center, Sacramento for construction of a state-of-the-art music therapy facility inside Anderson Lucchetti Women's and Children's Center.

    The music therapy center will be named "Sophie's Place" in honor of the Young's family friend, Sophie Barton, who shared her love of music with pediatric patients until she passed away from a heart condition at the age of 17.

    "We honor Sophie's life and commitment to music through the creation of Sophie's Place to help share the healing power of music with children in hospitals throughout the country and around the world," Steve Young said.

    At Sutter Children's Center, music therapists soothe patients at their bedsides with music and singing. Therapists roam the halls every day with a cart full of instruments that have been donated and collected, with the intention of bringing comfort to children struggling with pain. A music therapist said, "It puts a positive light on the hospital experience and is something to look forward to if they have to come back for their treatment."

    Sophie's Place is part of Sutter Medical Center, Sacramento's emphasis on the healing arts, as it continues constructing "the medical center of the future."

    By the numbers:

    • Gifts from donors: $150,000
    • Sutter Health matching funds: $150,000
    • Total Fundraising Goal: $300,000

    Pediatric Emergency Department - $100,000

    Our specially trained ER doctors and nurses will provide pediatric care around the clock in the Ose Adams Medical Pavilion. Formerly named Sutter General, the Ose Adams Medical Pavilion will house a dedicated pediatric emergency department with 11 private treatment rooms. These rooms are specially designed for our youngest patients, with bright, welcoming colors and kid-friendly art work. This pediatric emergency room design focuses on faster, more personalized, high-quality care that will enhance the patient and family experience.

    Patient Centered Care

    • Board certified emergency medicine physicians and nurses specially trained in pediatric emergency care
    • 24/7 Pediatric Emergency Department offering a child friendly environment
    • All patients are seen immediately in private treatment rooms
    • Dedicated pediatric emergency room entrance
    • Two child and family friendly play rooms
    • Neonatal Intensive Care Unit and Pediatric Intensive Care Unit
    • Specialized equipment for our youngest patients

    Paws on Call - $30,000 per year

    Healing hearts and minds People who have pets understand how animals can make their lives brighter by providing unconditional love and support. In fact, medical research has shown that animals positively affect human health. Simply petting a dog or cat can reduce stress and anxiety, improve vital signs, and reduce loneliness and depression.

    For more than 11 years, the Paws on Call program at Sutter Medical Center, Sacramento has helped to heal thousands of patients, visiting more than 2,800 adults and children in the last year alone. In addition to countless smiles, therapists see heart rates drop and blood pressure readings lower when their pets are in a patient's room.

    Give the gift of comfort to Sutter Medical Center, Sacramento patients by supporting the Paws on Call program. Your investment will fund outreach, recruiting, workshops, supplies and a pet therapy consultant.

    To learn how you can help bring four-legged therapists to Sutter Medical Center, Sacramento, please contact Sutter Medical Center Foundation staff.

    Sutter Resource Library - $175,000

    Give the Gift of Knowledge The Sutter Medical Resource Library is a critical resource for physicians, researchers, clinical staff, and patients who, with the help of a medical librarian, can access the most current information available in peer-reviewed medical journals and other media. The library is the primary research resource for physicians and clinical staff in the region and over 100 patients use the library each month.

    The Sutter Resource Library—funded in large part through philanthropy—provides easy access to valuable, up-to-date information in peer reviewed medical journals, medical text books, DVDs, CDs, and medical databases. The use of the library is free.

    The library's Health Information Ambassador Program brings dependable medical information to the patient bedside. Volunteers visit patient rooms to ask if they or their families would like more information about their condition or other health issues. Requests are brought back to the library, where they are researched and later delivered to the patient by the volunteer. Ambassadors also give patients details about where to find quality, trustworthy health information online.


    Invest in the Spirit of Sutter Spirituality and prayer can play a valuable role in helping patients heal and in helping family members cope with a loved one's illness or injury. Part of the new Anderson Lucchetti Women's and Children's Center will include a chapel that will provide quiet space to renew the human spirit through contemplation, reflection and prayer.

    Located at the top of the stairs in the second floor lobby mezzanine, the chapel will enable people of diverse religious, spiritual and cultural backgrounds to find solace in the midst of a health-care crisis. Features will include:

    Moveable seating to accommodate groups gathered for memorial services, religious observances and other occasions

    • Universal symbols of water and light—central to many religious and spiritual traditions
    • Meditation and prayer centers to provide privacy for those who seek quiet, sacred space
    • Moveable altar, lectern and other faith symbols to accommodate different religious and spiritual backgrounds
    • Audiovisual and music systems to broadcast chapel services to patient rooms
    Make a gift to name the chapel today Invest in the spirit of Sutter Health with a philanthropic gift to name the chapel. Your contribution will create a healing space for the countless patients and families who will seek comfort during stressful times. To learn more, please contact Bryan Belden, Development Officer, at

    (916) 733-8586 or