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    Critical Care
    Sutter Medical Center, Sacramento

    Sutter Memorial and Sutter General Hospitals provide critical care services through units dedicated to patients confronting life-threatening conditions and those recovering from complex surgical procedures. Critical care units at Sutter Memorial include a 16-bed surgical intensive care unit, a 16-bed cardiac intensive care unit, a 20-bed pediatric intensive care unit and a 55-bed neonatal intensive care units known as special care nursery. Sutter General's third floor provides 24 critical care beds for our medical and surgical patients. The units are equipped with sophisticated technology suited to the needs of each condition and served by staff trained in the highly specialized needs of each patient and family.

    Sutter Medical Center, Sacramento's intensive care unit is part of Sutter's Electronic Intensive Care Unit (eICU®) program. Sutter Health has the only hospitals in the greater Sacramento area, and the first hospitals on the West Coast, to offer this new technology to increase patient safety.

    Sutter Memorial Hospital:
    Surgical Intensive Care Unit - (916) 733-1941
    Cardiac Intensive Care Unit - 916-733-1951
    Pediatric ICU - (916) 733-1965
    Special Care Nursery - (916) 733-1060

    Sutter General Hospital:
    Intensive Care Unit - (916) 733-8932/733-8934