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    Diabetes Care Center
    Sutter Medical Center, Sacramento

    Sutter's Diabetes Care Center provides the continuum of care for all patients with Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes. The programs, recognized by the American Diabetes Association, empower patients to take charge of their health care by working with patients and their families to design a treatment plan that works for them. The patient works with an interdisciplinary team that may consist of the patient’s physician, certified diabetes educators (CDE’s), dietitians, nurses, social workers, exercise physiologist, and pharmacists to help patients live full and healthy lives. Services of the center include an insulin pump program for adults and teens.

    Pregnancy and Diabetes/Sweet Success Services

    Sutter Women's and Children's Sweet Success program is a regional center for the care of pregnant women with diabetes Type 1 and 2 and those who are glucose impaired (gestational diabetes/GDM). SMCS is the recipient of a regional training grant for the California Diabetes and Pregnancy Program (CDAPP). The CDAPP team serves 23 counties in northeastern California. CDAPP is funded by a grant from the State and Federal Department of Health's Maternal and Child Health services to train affiliates throughout the area in providing care to Sweet Success patients. Sutter Diabetes Care Center is proud to have the expertise of these team members on staff to provide patient care services. Sutter Diabetes Care Center is the only diabetes care program in the area recognized by the American Diabetes Association that includes a Sweet Success Program).

    Adult Services

    Group and individual appointments are available and tailored to meet the needs of patients new to diabetes or those experiencing difficulty with their current diabetes plan.

    Pediatric Services

    The pediatric diabetes program at Sutter Memorial Hospital is part of the Pediatric Endocrine and Nutrition Services (PENS) of Sutter Children's Center, Sacramento Outpatient Services and a part of the Sutter Diabetes Care Center. It is approved by California Children's Services as a regional center of care for children with diabetes and is the only children's diabetes education program in Northern California recognized by the American Diabetes Association.

    The Diabetes Care Center/Diabetes Program for Children and Adolescents offers complete diabetes education and care for patients and their families to promote optimal growth and health. A composite report is provided to the family and referring physician. Periodic follow-up teaching and reworking of the treatment plan is part of routine care.

    For more information about the Diabetes Care Center program for pregnant women call (916) 733-7050. For information on adult programs, call (916) 733-7050. The children's program can be reached at (916) 733-1025.

    To learn more about diabetes, visit our health information section.

    Sutter Health is committed to delivering specialty care to women and children. To learn more about our advanced services throughout the greater Sacramento region visit the Sutter Women's Services and Sutter Children's Center, Sacramento Web sites.

    Diabetes Management Information

    Diabetes is a disease that affects the ability of your body to use the food that you eat. Download the Diabetes Management Patient Resource.

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    • Inpatient Diabetes Education: 733-8980
    • Pregnancy and Diabetes Program: 733-7060
    • Pediatric Endocrinology and Nutrition Clinic: 262-9165