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    Special Notes for Children
    Sutter Medical Center, Sacramento

    Children’s Center at Sutter Medical Center
    Children’s Center of Sutter Medical Center, Sacramento, is a comprehensive pediatric medical center, which serves as the regional referral center for neonatal and pediatric care for more than 23 counties and 48 hospitals through Northern California, Southern Oregon and Northern Nevada. Children are cared for by compassionate physicians, nurses and clinical staff whose sole purpose is to ensure every child grows up healthy.

    Surgery can be a stressful experience no matter how minor the operation. Children are especially likely to worry or be anxious. We provide support for our pediatric clients through our Child Life Department. Child Life Specialists are educated at the undergraduate and graduate level in child growth and development, specifically focusing on the effects of hospitalization on children.

    Learn more learn more about our child life programabout our Child Life Program and tour schedules of our facility.

    If your child is undergoing care, you can help make it as easy as possible by preparing your child for the experience. Please visit these pages.

    To contact the Child Life Program please call (916) 733-1021.

    Day of Surgery

    • If you are the legal guardian of the child, please remember to bring your guardianship papers with you.
    • A parent or guardian must accompany patients who are minors and must remain at the medical center during the time the child is at the center.
    • Please follow the instructions you have been given regarding when your child must stop eating and drinking. For further pediatric anesthesia information visit If you have any concerns about this, please call the surgery department at (916)733-1050.
    • On the day of surgery, your child may wear his or her own pajamas and may bring a special toy or blanket for comfort.
    • Parents and guardians can accompany their children to the pre operative area.
    • If your child is an infant, please bring bottled milk or formula that your child may need later.
    • Please remember to bring your child’s car seat.
    • Instructions on how to care for your child at home will be provided both verbally and in writing. Please be sure to get all of your questions answered.
    • A nurse will call you within a day or two of the procedure to check on your child's progress and to answer any questions you may have.