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    Admitted as an Inpatient
    Sutter Medical Center, Sacramento

    Depending on your surgery or procedure, your doctor may want you to be admitted to the hospital to stay overnight or several days. If this is the case, after you have been recovered in the Recovery Unit, you will be transferred to a nursing unit where your care will continue until you are discharged.

    Smoking is not allowed inside the hospital. You may ask your physician for nicotine replacement therapy while you are hospitalized.

    Sutter Medical Center, Sacramento has a family centered approach to your care. Visitors are welcomes 24 hours a day. Patient care is our first priority, so there may be times when visitors may be asked to step out of the room.

    We recognize the importance of caring for the whole patient, physically, mentally, and spiritually, especially in times of crisis. You may arrange a visit from the chaplain by dialing (916) 887-1222.

    Due to safety codes designed to protect your safety and that of others, privately owned electrical appliances are not permitted in the hospital. You may bring a battery operated portable radio, CD player or shaver.